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Morita & Company makes all spring manufacturing equipment
From manual equipment to fully automatic equipment with computer control. Design, development and coordination to meet user's needs.
From a single spring manufacturing machine to a complete plant
How creating good quality is developed….Morita & Co has concentrated on this point. We are proud that our development and know-how, cultivated since our company was established in 1910, has no equal and we possess many patents in this field. Design and development, corresponding to user's needs, can range from the incorporation of a single machine to the layout of a total plant. Further, Morita can meet requests for development of spring manufacturing equipment corresponding to any requirements for the foremost equipment in the springs industry such as big coil springs with a max.-diameter of 100mm and lines fir leaf springs.
Supply of spring manufacturing equipment to 25 countries around the world
Morita is one of only a few specialized companies involved in the manufacture of spring manufacturing equipment. Its sales are No.1 in Japan as a specialized maker and its equipment has been introduced into the manufacture of all automobiles components. Also, its exports are increasing and are currently being sent to 25 countries in U.S.A., Europe and Asia.
Design and development of most suitable equipment for meeting budgets and requirements
While we do develop fully automatic equipment using the latest techniques such as a computer control system, we can develop equipment with consideration to a combination of a budget and manpower. We supply the most suitable equipment according to the requests of each user.
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